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Nyee Moses UI MeTime Ad Augustino's Menu Chef Rock UI Brazzaz Poster
graphic designer (under construction)

The included links above are from some of my favorite projects: my Photoshop UI illustration for musical artist Nyee Moses, a final project in marketing (which is more about conceptual process), a restaurant menu for Augustino's Rock and Roll Deli, website mockup for Chef Rock, and all types of advertising for the Brazilian restaurant, Brazzaz.

But this section should be reworked. It all becomes a challenge when having a wide array of skills under one umbrella of media. As I also have video skills, I need to add work from my Vimeo account.

See More Design Samples from the previous posting.

July 2015


Sample code, includes some recent JavaScript practice. A continuous work in progress.


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Recent thought extension, which may or may not include code. Also using platform to recount things.

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