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Interpretation of an unfinished Node challenge for Belly I started sometime in 2014, but have a lot of things working anyway. The intention was to tie in the brand with something a little more fun. At DBC, we created a racing game and thought that it could work nicely with the math game request. Reflected corporate site styling, and added animation to their logo and grass texture to bring it all together.

I should note that this exercise had me a little intimidated at first. But after carefully thinking about what steps to take, finding available code samples that were related to the problem, with patience and persistence, and building on small accomplishments, the application came together. And that seems to be a recurring theme since I began learning how to code.

Requirements, as listed: Using Node.js with Socket.IO build a math trivia game. The game should allow for one or more players from multiple locations to participate. A question should appear on the screen, and the first player to submit the correct answer should be awarded points. Anyone can join and leave the room.

See BellyRacer.


Sample code, includes some recent JavaScript practice. A continuous work in progress.


Let’s network, get to know each other, and talk shop. Available for hire now.


Current or real-time thoughts. Think I’m kidding about discussion? Start now, tweet me.


Recent thought extension, which may or may not include code. Also using platform to recount things.

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