> patrick villanueva

I am currently seeking new opportunities to build new things, in hopes of making a difference.

i am a designer

Strategy, ideation and marketing communication are part of my world. From a technical standpoint, typography is kind of my thing, as is photo-realistic illustration. I often think creatively, and look at things through a designer’s eyes. It’s my background, it’s my experience.

i am a developer

Code has always been a challenge, so diving into Ruby at Dev Bootcamp provided a great foundation to build upon. With full stack range, I think front-end is interesting, but favor the raw and technical aspect of back-end web development slightly more.

select sample design work
Nyee Moses UI MeTime Ad Augustino's Menu Chef Rock UI Brazzaz Poster
select sample website applications
iTunes HTML QDL Online BellyRacer Spiceworks UI Exercise Backbone/CodeIgniter Exercise

Sample code, includes some recent JavaScript practice. A continuous work in progress.


Let’s network, get to know each other, and talk shop. Available for hire now.


Current or real-time thoughts. Think I’m kidding about discussion? Start now, tweet me.


Recent thought extension, which may or may not include code. Also using platform to recount things.

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